Welcome to mechatronics.studio!


Welcome to mechatronics.studio!

What is mechatronics you ask? Mechatronics is a field of engineering that sits at the intersection of mechanics, electronics, and computing. Robots, cars, even your refrigerator are modern marvels of mechatronics engineering.
This website is dedicated to all things mechatronics with the intention to help teach YOU how to build things!

This site is like a virtual textbook, but with a blend of video, animated, pictoral, and written content to help make concepts as clear as possible. Make it your own by commenting and participating in lively discusions in each topic with other members. I assume you come with ZERO knowledge and build concepts from the ground up, steadily increasing in complexity.
This site is broken up into five main sections (check out the main navigation bar), each corresponding to a major area in mechatronics:


In this area, we explore the dynamic world of mechanics. Forces, torques, mechanisms, gears, fluid dynamics and more!


In this area, we explore the lively world of electronics. Resistors, capacitors, motors, magnets, electric fields, printed circuit board design, component selection, and more!


In this area, we explore how to learn and use ANY programming language. Whether C, C++, Matlab, Python, and more, all of these programming languages share fundamentals that once learned allow you to code in any language.


In this area, we explore the wonderous world of matheamtics. Vectors, integrals, differential equations, and more. Here, we will also explore control algorithms, machine vision, and even artificial intellegence.


In this area, we make actual things! Robots, actuators, and more. From proof of concept to final product, see the process in action!

I have to SUBSCRIBE!?

Yes. The knowledge I share (and the equipment used to generate that knowledge) has been acquired over more than a decade and has come with both great financial cost and time commitment. As a virtual textbook on all things mechatronics, I hope you can support me and my endeavours to share this knowledge by subscribing. I think you'll find the investment worth the knowledge you gain.

Still unconvinced? Every article has a preview that you can view to decide whether the content is right for you. Wish there was more content? I add content regularly, stay tuned. If you have a specific topic you'd like me to write about, shoot me an email at questions.mechatronics.studio@gmail.com.

From the Lawyers

Please be sure to review the terms and conditions (which you agree to by using this website). I hope to spread joy and creativity, and mechatronics is an exciting field, but, because of its diversity, many hazards are also involved (electricity, sharp edges, blunt force, pinch points, etc.). You must take responsibility for keeping yourself and those around you safe (and to protect your own property).

Happy learning!