Mathematics is a broad field that covers arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, vector mathematics calculus, linear algebra, fourier analysis, and more.

A mechatronics engineer must be comfortable with math; it is an extremely powerful tool for modeling and estimating the performance of a design.

Basic Mathematics

Letters in Math?! Introduction to Algebra
This is a free trial article. Algebra is is a more abstract form of mathematics centered around indefinite to be determined numbers called variables.
Linear Functions
The humble linear function is simple yet one of the most important functions in mathematics.
Quadratic Functions
Quadratic functions are very useful. They are the next step beyond linear functions
Defining Pi.
Pi is a very important mathematical concept with a simple definition.
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric functions have critical applications in geometry, physics, and engineering.

Vector Mathematics

Standard Vectors
Vectors are essential in physics, graphics, and real-world problem-solving.
Vector Multiplication
True vector multiplication is a gateway to mathematical elegance.

Advanced Mathematics

Introduction to Field Theory
Fields allow us to describe properties over space.
Parametric Equations
Parametric equations form the foundation of our digital world.

Mathematics Tools

Calculators for Engineers and Scientists
This is a free trial article. Calculators have improved significantly over the ages and are critical in modern engineering.