Electronics describes the domain of the electrical engineer. It is a broad field that covers everything involving the flow of electrons and electromagnetic fields. Printed circuit board design, microcontrollers, filters, wireless communication, even electrical motors all fall into this category.

A mechatronics engineer must be familiar with all of these areas; they provide a large pool of options for a design.

Introduction to Electricity

Electricity has surrounded humanity for all time yet is obscured from our day to day senses. It takes a keen mind to discover it.

Introduction to Magnets
For centuries magnets were studied as mere curiosities.
Demonstrating Electrostatics
Electrostatic phenomena are very easy to demonstrate. They hint to enormous potential.

Circuit Elements

Circuit elements are the elementary building blocks from which most real products are made from.

Introduction to Resistors and Current
This is a free trial article. Resistors are an important electrical component. They are present in every single electrical device.