Assembling your 3D Printer

Assembling your 3D Printer

Prerequisites Required- How to Train your 3D Printer, Inspecting your 3D Printer's Parts

This is a continuation of the How to Train your 3D Printer Series, during which, we build a capable and reliable Ender-3 3D Printer. In the previous articles, we disassembled our printer into its constituent parts and we inspected their quality. In this article, we methodically assemble the printer to obtain the highest quality prints possible.

This is not a step-by-step guide but is instead a general guideline for assembling your printer; following this advice should result in a higher quality 3D printer than following the out of box instructions alone.

In order to assemble the printer, we will need the following equipment:

  1. Wrenches (these should have come with the printer)
  2. Measurement Calipers
  3. 1-2-3 blocks (at least 2)
  4. Shims (plastic, paper, or metal)

Assembling the Frame

The first step of assembling our printer is to assemble the structural frame. The most important feature of the frame assembly is that the X, Y, and Z-axis need to be perpendicular to each other.

If you are familiar with 3D printers, you know that the printer has 4 adjustment knobs that allow for controlling the tilt of the bed.