Disassemble Your 3D Printer

Disassemble Your 3D Printer

Prerequisites- Basic Knowledge of 3D printing, How to Train your Printer Intro

⚠ WARNING: This article is part of an in-progress multipart series about building and tuning an Ender-3 3D printer. This contents of this article encourage you to disassemble your printer in preparation for inspecting the goodness of the individual components. The guidelines provided here are not "step-by-step" instructions and require proper judgement and maturity to follow.

⚠ SAFETY WARNING: Disconnect the printer from all electrical sources before disassembly. Ensure that all hot surfaces are cool before disassembly. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in shock, burns, injury, and even death.

Mechatronics.studio is not liable for any damage (personal or property) that results due to printer disassembly.

This article is intended to provide basic guidelines on preparing an Ender-3 (kit or fully-constructed) for detailed inspection. The general guidelines here apply to other printer types as well but printers with significant architecture differences (delta, coreXY, etc.) will require different levels of disassembly and inspection.